It may be time to switch colors if you're becoming sick of the RGB keyboard's color schemes. Knowing which keys to hit, though, could be tricky.

You may change the colors of your mechanical keyboard both with and without software by following the instructions in this guide. Additionally, we'll demonstrate how to modify the keyboard's color and brightness as well as walk you through some of the most frequent backlighting options.

Keyboard Color Change Without Software

Color-changing buttons are available on several keyboards. If you want to adjust the keyboard backlight on certain keyboards, just press that button. It can be a little trickier, though, if there aren't any specific buttons.

The correct key combination must then be used in order to change the keyboard's color without using any software. The type of keyboard you have will determine which keys to press. As was already explained, it frequently involves simultaneously pressing the FN and a function key. However, this can differ between brands and occasionally include the FN key, INS, and DEL keys as well as the number keys. To determine the key combination to utilize, consult the keyboard's handbook. The RGB keyboard's color may be changed if your keyboard includes any kind of software that allows you to do it.

Using Software To Change Keyboard Color


One of the aforementioned keyboard shortcuts is sometimes the sole option to alter the backdrop color on low-cost mechanical keyboards. But, if you have a mechanical keyboard that is in the middle to upper echelon, there's a good possibility it contains software specifically designed to let you change colors there.

You most certainly have some software to change the color of your mechanical keyboard if it was produced by one of the major manufacturers, such as Alienware, Logitech, HP, or MSI. Use a different application according to your keyboard.

The interfaces of most programs are comparable. In general, adjusting the lights on the special software is quite simple:

  • Go to the "Lightning" section of the RGB software after launching it.
  • Choose "Keyboard" if both the mouse and the keyboard are displayed.
  • A button to change the animations and colors should now be visible.
  • Make the desired changes to the LED settings and save them.
  • The keyboard backlighting's color should now have been successfully modified.

How To Modify Brightness Of The Keyboard

Different mechanical keyboard manufacturers have different key combinations for changing the brightness. It's a safe assumption that the FN key, together with one of the F1-F12 keys, an arrow key, or the plus and minus keys, make up the key combination. For instance, the keys FN + F5 and FN + F6 may be used to change the brightness on an Dustsilver keyboards. On Logitech keyboards, it is FN + F7, and on MSI keyboards, it is FN and "-." Additionally, the illumination program for the keyboard often allows you to change the brightness.

How Can I Turn My RGB Keyboard Into One Color?

Nearly all mechanical keyboards with backlighting offer a monochromatic mode. The many techniques to switch between color modes have previously been covered. The FN key is typically used in conjunction with one of the F1–F12 keys, the INS and DEL keys, or the arrow keys. Using your keyboard's arrow keys, switch between the various color modes until just one color is visible.

You can open the program and navigate to the lightning tab if your mechanical keyboard includes specialized software for color adjustment. After that, you should be able to select the RGB keyboard's lighting style, which is typically referred to as "Solid" or "Static." It should now be a single color after selecting that option from the drop-down list.

Backlit Modes For Keyboards

After learning how to adjust the keyboard light on backlit keyboards, let's take a closer look at some of the most typical lighting options you'll come across. In most cases, switching between these modes may be accomplished by simultaneously hitting the FN key and the function keys or arrow keys, as we just mentioned. Various keyboard brands may have different keys for a given keyboard. Frequently, the bundled software also allows you to modify the mode. To check out, below are a few of the most popular backlighting settings.

Color Mode In Solid

A single color is what is meant by the word "solid color." While there are only a few colors available on certain keyboards, complete RGB keyboards provide up to 16.4 million options! The solid color setting is the best option if all you want is a lovely solid backlight color without any crazy lighting effects.

A Rainbow Of Solid Colors

The rainbow mode should be used if you want your keyboard to show a broad range of colors. Mechanical keyboards that are set to rain mode will display various colors, giving the impression that they are a rainbow. The word "solid" in "solid rainbow" denotes the permanence of the colors.

Breathing Rainbow Mode

The breathing rainbow has a similar spectrum of colors to the solid rainbow, but the colors will also evolve with time. When I want to completely display all the wonderful color combinations on my keyboard, this is one of my favorite options.

Phase Mode In Color

The keyboard will progressively change colors when in Color Phase mode. In contrast to rainbow mode, when every keys have a distinct color, the keys will each be the same hue.

In Reactive Mode

The reactive backlighting setting is another favorite of keyboard users and gamers. The keyboard will be turned off by default if you set it to this mode, and each key will light up when you push it.

Tetris Mode

Some mechanical keyboards with larger price tags also feature more unique lighting effects. For instance, keyboards that have the Tetris effect show blocks of lightning that resemble the popular game Tetris.


You should now be able to alter the mechanical keyboard's color, we expect. If you use the tips in this article, you should have no trouble altering the keyboard's colors to fit your setup, even if choosing the proper color might differ across manufacturers and models.