Whenever we talk about cakes, our childhood nostalgia hits us. We all grow up having cakes and

have amazing stories attached to them. It is an important component of any celebration that adds

charm and happiness to the celebration. With the demand in people for different tastes and flavors

today, there is no dearth of unique flavors of cake.

With that being said, among all the flavors of cake, chocolate cake is one such flavor that is

everyone's favorite and needs no introduction. It is still a popular choice among cake enthusiasts for

any occasion and celebration.

Chocolates are one of the tastiest edibles enjoyed by a large section of people, ranging from kids to

adults. Its delicious taste and texture have a wide fan following worldwide. Let us see some delicious

variants of a chocolate cake that you must try.

6 Variants Of Chocolate Cakes That You Must Try 

Do you believe in love at first sight? We are not sure whether you can fall in love at first sight, but

falling in love at first bite is something we can guarantee you once you have chocolate cake. With

the increasing madness and craze among people for chocolate cakes, they are given a few twists and

made with different textures.

We have done a little research for you so that you can try out the new variants of chocolate cakes

that are considered to be the most delicious.

Choco Chips Cake

Choco chips cakes are one of the most appealing cakes in the category of chocolate cakes. They have

a velvety texture along with crumbly choco chips spread all over the cake. The gooey texture makes

it an amazing treat for birthdays, anniversaries, and other random celebrations. To bite into the

flavorful and chocolatey choco chips is a treat in itself, with rich chocolaty frosting topping it up


Choco Marble Cake 

A chocolate marble cake finds its origin in Germany, where two different types of batters are made.

These two batters, one light, and one dark are mixed together to form a pattern in cakes which gives

them a mottled appearance. The batter is mostly a mixture of vanilla and chocolate to give it that

appearance, which is distinguishable from other types of cakes. They are sometimes referred to as

zebra stripes as well due to their resemblance.

 Choco Lava Cake

 Choco Lava cakes are molten cakes, that are hard from the outside, but molten from the outside.

They are desserts consisting of the chocolate core, which resembles the lava state. They are eaten

while hot, as the perfect texture only comes out when they are steaming hot. Choco lava cakes taste

best with a scoop of ice cream and dusted powdered sugar. If you want to get your hands on this

terrific cake, you can place an Online Cake Order in Chandigarh or any other place nearby to taste

this delicious cake. 

Chocolate Fudge Cake 

Chocolate fudge cake is one of the staples at cafes that goes well with beverages like coffee. It has a

rich flavor and creamy, silky texture, with sweet and bitter flavors. They are the ultimate choice as a

gifting option for their gooey texture and do not get spoiled easily. Salted caramel, and lemon

meringue, are some of the flavors in fudge cake that can't be missed. 

Chocolate Mocha Cake 

Chocolate mocha cakes have a flavor of coffee in them, which gives them a distinguished taste and

flavor. It is prepared by adding a particular type of coffee mocha, which is added in perfect amounts

for that slightly bitter taste to the cake. If you are someone who enjoys studs that are a little less

sweet, then this particular is to go for. There is no better way to enjoy a Sunday evening with a cup

of coffee and a slice of mocha cake to go with it. 


Chocolate Truffle Cakes 

Chocolate truffle cakes are made with moist, dense chocolate that has a chocolaty and flaky frosting.

A thick layer of chocolate ganache is added on top of it to make it extra chocolaty. If you are a true

sweet tooth and love to relish extra chocolaty stuff, then chocolate truffle cake is definitely to go for.

They are spongy in texture and taste heavenly with their thick layer of chocolate frosting on top. 


Chocolates are one of the comforting foods that everyone loves to enjoy. It is often called a mood

lifter because of its mood-lifting properties and making everyone happy just after the first bite of it.

When mixed with cakes, they present a distinguishable flavor and are the favorite of many.

Whenever you crave something sweet or have a celebration, you must order chocolate cakes of

different types to make your celebration grander and more enjoyable.