The increased enthusiasm for fitness training has undoubtedly taken modern society by storm, with many taking to the gym. One of the highlights that this movement has brought in its wake is thumb tapes.These days, they are hard to miss among fitness enthusiasts and gym rats. In this article, we shall discuss these tapes, their purpose, and the necessary information you need to know before purchasing. If you are a fitness enthusiast who has yet to embrace this tape-wearing culture, this is for you!

What are Thumb Tapes?

Thumb tapes are also known as hook grip tapes. They are a unique type of athletic tape worn over the thumb and used for cross-lifting, powerlifting, and gymnastics. They are typically made of reinforced cotton fiber or a cotton-spandex fabric mix. These unique fabric compositions come in handy for the purpose(s) these tapes offer.

What is Fitness Training?

Fitness training is a term that refers to a series of exercises geared at improving the body's overall health. There are five elements of fitness training: aerobic fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training, flexibility, and stretching exercises. Each addresses a unique aspect of body health.

  • Aerobic training: This type of training helps improve your breathing and, in turn, the functioning of your cardiovascular system. Your heart and lungs are kept in prime condition, and your vessels are kept healthy. Some examples of aerobic exercises include running, jogging, and swimming. 
  • Strength training: Strength training is directed at building the strength of your bones and muscles. This exercise is most responsible for producing bulgy, muscular figures. It may also help you eliminate body fat and control your weight. Weights or endurance bands are typically used for these exercises, although simple squats and push-ups may also suffice to a degree. Thumb tapes are most helpful here.
  • Core Training: Helps improve the strength and tone of your body muscles, and it also helps train these muscles to support the spine effectively.
  • Balance Training: As the name implies, balance training helps improve or maintain your body's overall balance. The older you grow, the less overall balance you often can exert on your body. This training helps alleviate this concern. It keeps you in shape and very much in control of your balance.
  • Flexibility and Stretch Training: These help improve flexibility and the range of movement around some joints of your body. Stretch exercises also help improve your mobility as well as your posture.

Why Should You Use Thumb Tapes For Fitness Training?

  • They Protect The Thumbs And Alleviate Pain

Like many sports and athletic endeavors, fitness training has its fair share of injury risks. For example, the abrasion and high grip force of deadlifts or other exercises involving intense finger actions could cause tears and painful blisters on your hands when you begin to lift. Due to your thumb's unique anatomy and its importance in hand movements, it is the one finger you have to look out for the most.The pain and discomfort that often ensues from these minor injuries could affect the quality of your fitness training in the long run. How do thumb tapes come in? Thumb tapes fix this problem by acting as a "protective second skin" over your thumb. That way, potential tears or blisters from the vigor of training are now blocked by thumb tape in place of your bare skin. These tapes are quite durable, too - and with their lightweight, breathable properties, they settle rather comfortably on your skin. Thus, you are spared the trouble of sustaining injuries or suffering from pain in the long run. Hampton Adams’ 8-pack 0.3-inch tapes are an example of this. 

  • It Reinforces Your Grip

In addition to the protective function thumb tapes offer, they also help you reinforce the grip of your thumbs. Grip strength is integral in several fitness exercises, one of which is weightlifting.When you seek to try out techniques such as hook grips for efficient lifting, lifting bigger weights, or working out for longer periods, you need your grip strength to be as solid as they come. By locking your middle finger in place with your thumb, thumb tapes can easily augment your grip and help you actualize this. There is also a lesser risk of skin injury.  Furthermore, thumb tapes, when properly applied, prevent sweaty grips. This is because they cover the thumbs' surfaces that could get sweaty during prolonged exercises. Because sweaty grips could get in the way of a solid grip and could even lead to accidents, this benefit is a big deal. Therefore, by extension, thumb tapes can help prevent accidents from exercises.

  • Versatility and Flexibility

Another perk that comes with using thumb tapes is that they have a large range of applications. In other words, they can be used effectively for several fitness training exercises. Some of these exercises include barbell work, kettlebells, rings, rope climbs, and hook grips.Therefore, unlike other accessories or sophisticated exercise gear that is limited in application, you can strap on thumb tapes and switch through different exercise sessions in the gym without drawbacks to your efficiency. You might want to note that tapes like those of Hampton Adams even kick it up a notch. They work for grappling, climbing, BJJ, and more endeavors outside of fitness training!Thumb tapes are also remarkably adaptable and flexible to use. Their flexibility makes it possible to wear them without impeding your finger or joint movements. Also, they allow you to retain a tactile "feel" of exercises. Thus, as you enjoy the grip-reinforcing and protective benefits of thumb tapes, you are not deprived of the sensory experience of your fitness exercises. 

  • Thumb Tapes Are Easy To Use

To cap it all, thumb tapes are quite easy to use compared to other accessories. As far as the intricacies of usage go, you have little or nothing to worry about. All you need to do is to roll out the required measure of tape, strap them onto your thumb, and cut it off when you are done. Nonetheless, this isn't to say you can wear them haphazardly. You might have to note certain things during your application or beforehand. 

Things To Look Out For When Purchasing Thumb Tapes For Fitness Training

From the sheer variety of thumb tapes on the market, the following defining features are things you should look out for while making your choices.

  • Quality of Material

The material’s quality, in this case, refers to the culmination of breathability, durability, elasticity, and a lightweight feature. Thumb tapes are typically made of cotton-spandex fabric blends or 100% reinforced cotton.The best tapes are durable, firm, and can hold their own against moderate sweat and other types of moisture. They are also very lightweight and breathable. However, there are subtle differences in quality across products. Products that do not tick all the boxes end up dropping user satisfaction. Thus, you should be very particular about quality. Choose the best here.

  • Adhesive Properties

Choose thumb tapes with durable adhesiveness. That is, tapes that can stick strongly for long periods without losing their strength. Some thumb tapes leave residue after removal. These residues end up being so sticky that you have to double up on cleaning to get them off. Steer clear of these kinds of products. The best tapes do not leave large quantities of unsightly residue after use.Some tapes may even be hyper-allergenic and harm the skin after use. You should avoid products like this. The best tapes are hypoallergenic. They hardly cause trouble for users. However, we have to mention that if you have "sensitive skin," you might have to consult your doctor beforehand as a precaution before use. 

  • User-Friendly Designs and Aesthetic Appeal

Although it's often secondary for many, you may opt for aesthetically appealing tapes if you're particular about that. Athletic tapes come in various colors and designs, and one is bound to align closely with your needs. Go for it and work out in style!

  • Value/Cost & Affordability

Do not spend unduly on tapes if they do not offer premium value. Whatever type you decide to buy, ensure that the price is worth every bit of the value it offers.Affordability is an important factor worth considering. You do not have to break the bank to purchase quality tapes. Keep an eye out for affordable yet valuable tapes. When it comes to affordability, a prime example is our Hampton Adams tapes. They go for generous prices that are better than that of many competitive brands in the market while retaining the premium value they offer!

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