This numerology African oracle cards is committed to the heap of spirits adored all through the African diaspora. By and large, these energies have been related with numbers and number successions. Thus, this deck is an opportune supplement to the developed otherworldly acts of African social classes around the world.

Africa is a different mainland with numerous divine beings and goddesses that address prototype energies. This deck lists 44 spirits from regions as shifted as Benin, the Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa, South America, and so on. However, the Spirits of Africa are basically enumerable. Thusly, this deck catches the key quintessence of the antiquated, general energies that have enabled African individuals overall from days of yore.


Numbers are couriers or African oracle cards that convey the most unimaginable secrets of the universe. They frequently appear in propitious and redundant ways to send us crucial data from our precursors, soul guides, astral mates, and so forth. Hence, they are a type of synchronicity that our profound group uses to speak with us.

This informing framework has been utilized for centuries and is seen with high respect by otherworldly conservatives around the world. Each culture has its own importance and understanding of numbers. Nonetheless, numbers by and large convey a similar widespread energy.

Numbers are neither great nor awful. They just are what they are - Oracle or couriers. A similar number can be a chance indication of best of luck and flourishing. However, it can likewise be a foreboding admonition of approaching issues or difficulties. A definitive significance and translation of a number lives inside you.

African Oracle card deck

THE Oracle 

Numbers are the directing Oracle messages in the Spirits of Africa Numerology Oracle deck. This nicely planned masterpiece assists you with interfacing with numbers as a type of otherworldly correspondence. You will find the responses you really want as you communicate with these Oracle messages. Likewise, they will assist you with living a more useful and fruitful life.

THE Makers:

Dr. Asanee Brogan conceptualized this Oracle deck with the expectations of giving socially applicable, cutting edge divination instruments to the African diaspora. As an expert of two African otherworldly frameworks, Asanee is a visionary. She attempts to make and distribute profound apparatuses and assets for we who have lost admittance to and information on our local customs. Likewise, Asanee is a seer, creator, teacher, tutor, and profound mentor, among numerous different things.

Visual fashioner Ritchy Thermidor has revived this undertaking through his novel and excellent abilities. Ritchy is a Haitian public and professional of Haitian Vodou. In any case, he as of now lives in the Dominican Republic, where he works and deals with his visual depiction business.

In 2021, Ritchy sent off the Ginen Store. This imaginative undertaking incorporates his creative energy with his affection for Vodou culture. Additionally, Asanee tenaciously works close by him to teach and illuminate others about the magnificence regarding the Vodou custom.

THE Venture:

This undertaking was birthed out of the craving to feature the numerous and fluctuated spirits embraced inside African otherworldly frameworks. For many years, these gods got through concealment because of strict and racial prevalence. We want to reconsider the brilliance and magnificence of African spirits in a world that has long failed to remember the power and grandness of native African profound practices.